Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Gear, New Art, and mullet!

It's time for the fall mullet run!

Just a quick post to let everyone know I am still alive, although it seems barely. Some of you may have heard but a little over 3 weeks ago I had a surfing accident while riding my paddleboard during Hurricane Earl. I must admit that maybe the swell was a bit big for a paddleboard, or at least an 11'6 board. However, I did managed a 3 hour session before getting caught up with my board in the wash which lead to the fin breaking off on my calf and leaving me with a gash all the way to the muscle. The ER doctor in Fernandina Beach did a fine job sewing me up from the inside out, 38 total stitches. It was a blow to me physically and mentally but I am healing fast and have managed a few days on the water since the accident. This time of the year is always slow for me charter wise and for someone who is use to fishing 5 or 6 days a week it is very depressing. But, like every other year I will push through it and before I know it I will be begging for a day off. The mullet run is in affect right now as we speak and it is a great time of the year to throw topwater flies and plugs, mainly for snook, and jacks but on the calmer days when the tarpon are showing there is nothing better then watching a tarpon blow up a topwater. Also as we move more into fall look for the bite on the flats to improve as the water cools off a bit.

I would like to send out some major props. First, I would like to thank Jerry Kirby of Torch Craft, Western Metal Art (don't let the name fool you this guy does great saltwater fish) for the very cool tarpon plaque that proudly displays on my back porch. Check out his website and if you have any metalworks needs be sure to keep him in mind. I asked for a tarpon and he delivered, as you can see by the photos he does great work. So if you want a cool piece of art for your home or office give Jerry a shout.

If anyone is interested in getting their hands on a Stuart Flyfishing micro fiber shirt please email me. I only have XL and XXL in stock but for $25 a shirt you can't go wrong. No matter how many you order it is a flat $5 shipping. Here are a couple pics of the shirt (dolphin fillets not included).

I also just received my new shipment of Bug Slinger Fly Gear. As always this stuff is off the charts, my buddy Rob continues to amaze me with his creativity. The new additions to my closet include the R3 (shown below), the Maori Hook, the Looker Hoodie, and the Stitched. I have found that these new shirts are more of a regular cut vs. an athletic cut which in my opinion make them even more comfortable. I love all the designs but I am a bit biased towards the Stitched since it includes my photography. :) Although I must admit the R3 is my favorite, not only is it a killer design but it helps give back to the Gulf Coast fisheries. Below the picture of the shirt I pulled the description off the Bug Slinger website. Maybe me and Rob can come up with a design that will offer a discount on my charters or photography? Great work as always keep it up Bro.

The R3 (Roots-Reds-Revival) came about due to our desire to support the Gulf fisheries in the wake of the eco-disaster (ecology & economy). This shirt has a message of positive vibes and a bright future for the exceptional fishing on our gulf coast.
A percentage of sales from this shirt is donated to the Plaquemines Fly Guides - a support group for fly guides in Plaquemines county LA. [ http://plaqueminesflyguides.com/ ]
As well, with the purchase of this shirt, Alec Griffin of Louisiana Flywater will give you $50 off your next charter with him!
[ http://www.louisianaflywater.com/ ]
Just present him with your packing slip showing your purchase.

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