Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Goodbye TS Debby

After losing 8 charters in June because of weather I am back into the swing of things. Tarpon fishing has not rebounded well but everything else has been pretty steady.
Enjoy, JM


Atlas said...

Wow, this has some of the best fishing photography I have ever seen. Really enjoyed looking through everything. I will definitely be posting a link to this site on my blog.

A.Lying.Fisherman said...

Hello Capt. John. I have really enjoyed looking through your sites. Your photography, is beautiful. I like your perspective of the fish, I can tell from your framing, and angle that you revere the fish. Your respect for nature comes through in every shot. I am new to blogging and how to create a format of how to present myself. That is, I was unsure until I ran across your site.

I am enjoying how everything is consistent and linked up nicely. You have put in some time here and it shows. You come across as a writer, at least someone who considers what they are committing to print and puts effort into making the read enjoyable and informative. You even attract gracious people who leave the best comments. It's great.

I live in Tampa and have been interested in fishing in your area for years. I usually fish the mosquito lagoons area when I venture to the East. I may have to check out the Stuart area though.

Thank you for spending the time to put together a fantastic site. I will be back often to check out your amazing photographs. Tight lines and good fishing to ya.