Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Photos from March and April.

Once again I find myself apologizing for not updating my blog but once again my excuse is that I have been super busy fishing. So enjoy the photos. I know the photos is what most of you come here to check out. As soon as I get some extra time I will actually write something that may entertain you, until then enjoy.

Just a cool macro shot.

I am very excited about the new 4 inch Hogy. Wait until you see the video footage.

Love my new Talon from Minn Kota!

After years of trying to get the conditions right Hully finally got his giant jack!

and another...

Hully even let Jerry get into the action.

Nice giant jack landed by Jerry. (aka mullethead for those of you that know them)

Ed Trainer from the famed International Fishing Ministries.

I even got into the action one day.

Frankie with a nice big jack on fly.

Nicky came all the way from Germany for this big jack, second year in a row.

Some photos of the new Buff gloves.

4 inch Hogy again.

The Hogy man himself, Mike Hogan.

A huge goliath grouper. Nice work Dirk it wasn't easy.

You all know one of my best clients Rob Alpers, aka the midas man.

Rob strikes gold again.

My girl Kelly with her first permit, 44 pounds!

Kelly's big jack.

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