Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A true professional

Last week I had an opportunity to have my portrait taken by award winning photographer, Thomas Winter. Many of you have heard of or have seen Tom's work, but if you are unfamiliar with Thomas Winter I believe you should take a minute or ten and check out his work. I have known Tom for a few years and have developed a great working friendship with Tom, so when he asked if I would be interested in taking a "Power Portrait" I could not wait to see what he had in mind. Tom is an extremely well rounded photographer but his specialty is taking corporate portraits, pictures of real people in their real environments.

Lucky for me my office is the Indian River so that is where we headed.
We left the dock an hour before sunset and headed to the sandbar near the St. Lucie inlet. As we were idling into the sandbar Tom was sharing his vision with me and explaining that most of the best stuff would come after sundown. This blew me away because I know how tough it can be to shoot in such low light but once I saw the amount of gear that was being unloaded I started to see the shot and this got me even more excited. With the help of an assistant and my girlfriend Kelly we shot photos and videos for the next hour or so, I felt like a rockstar, it was so much fun watching a professional of Tom's caliber work.

Now, most of you reading this know that I try not to label myself as a professional photographer, more just a fishing guide with a camera and a decent eye for what looks good. Photography is a passion of mine and it helps me pay the electric bill every month but not much more. Thomas Winter is a true professional. I was amazed at his vision and of his knowledge of photography and his equipment. Fishing photography is obviously my strong point and so setting up a shot or having a vision and knowing how to create it is not something that I typically have to deal with. My idea of using a strobe is sticking an external flash on my camera body and using it as fill flash. All I know about multiple strobes is what I have read or have heard about on podcasts. It was very cool seeing the results of Tom's work, he has a vast knowledge of lighting.

Also, here is a behind the scenes video that Tom put together.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what Tom created and if you are interested in having your own power portrait done or just checking out Tom's other work here is where you can find him.
www.thomaswinter.com or for more on our photo shoot www.thomaswinter.com/blog/

thomas winter


"Outstanding Visual Artist"

-2009 mARTies

""2010 Top Ten Photographer Award"

- Fl Professional Photographers

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