Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A long over due report

I have been very busy with my real job as a fishing guide and have been slacking on my duties as a writer and a photographer. So I will keep this short and sweet. I had a great opportunity to fish with Pat Ford for a couple days. On day one I guided Pat, and Paul Heatherington, the Oakley rep. It was a very windy and overcast day, seems to be par for the course this spring. I still managed to find a few daisy chaining schools of jacks and a couple huge mats of bluefish. Pat only took a few shots because the lighting was real bad but it was still a great day for all. Paul and everyone at Oakley has been so good to me so it was nice to treat Paul to a day on the water.

Day two was the morning after the film tour and not only did I have Pat on the boat but I invited Dave Teper from World Angling, the makers of the night's most popular film "Drum" and my good buddy Scott Cormier from Southern Angler. We were greeted to north winds but decent sea conditions. The game was on, we found multiple schools of jacks and Pat got plenty of photos. Dave is a great angler and I am really glad I was able to share with him one of my favorite fisheries. Who knows maybe we will do some filming one day, for all of you that have done the jacks with me I am sure you would love to revisit those memories. All the photos with this post were taken by Pat Ford, he did a great job as always and I can't wait until I have him on the boat again. I have more reports coming up with some of my photos and also about some of my favorite people, so stay tuned.

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Capt. George Harris (aka superfly) said...

Dude...the bluefish pics are rockin'...but those hippo sized Jacks are just plain ridiculous...c'mom man you're killin me.

StuartFlyfishing said...

come and get ya some! I will post more soon.