Saturday, November 29, 2008

high fly'n sails

Parke Cooper is a very good client of mine and yesterday he invited me offshore in his center console. Parke is an extremely versatile fisherman, he has landed #150 pound tarpon on fly from the bow of a skiff, and now he is taking me out on his immaculate 261 Mako to kite fish for sails. It was a picture perfect day, with a great friend. We used goggle eyes on circle hooks, 4 sails hooked and released 2. It was a very cool experience for a flyfishing guide that rarely makes it more then a couple miles offshore. The targeted area was just south of the St. Lucie inlet, if you are interested in chasing sailfish out of the Stuart area I would contact Capt. Scotty Fawcett on the Boneshaker at


Rob said...

Right on man, when did you shoot these? I've always wanted to kite fish. BTW, have you targeted sails on fly yet?

StuartFlyfishing said...

I have caught a couple sails on fly while live chumming in the summer for the little tunny or as most in the northeast call them false albacore. I took these shots last weekend.