Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fishing report 5-14-09

I have had loads of positive feedback about the new website design and this blog but, if there is one complaint, it is that I do not post as many "fishing reports" as I use to. The main reason is time, there just does not seem to be enough hours in the day. I am also falling victim to my own critiquing. Basically I want to have good photos before I post something and many times I do not have pictures that I think are good enough to post. Photography is a lot like fishing, you catch lots of fish but only some are keepers. So I decide to mix in a good old fishing report every now and again. They will be titled Fishing Report with the date, no special photos just a few grip and grin snapshots.

I must get asked ten times a day, "So how's the fishing been lately?" Do you know how hard that question is for me to answer? Lately? Do you mean lately like today or yesterday and today? Or do you mean like newspaper lately? You know the fishing report that the local tackle shop posts in the paper which is usually some guy that fished 2 weeks ago and he told the tackle shop guy that he caught some dolphin the other day. Basically what I am getting at is that everyday is a new day and if you ask me the fishing is always good, and most of the time great. The last couple of weeks have been a prime example of what I mean. I have had some tough days that we had to work very hard to catch a handful of snook, followed by days were we landed tarpon, giant jacks, snook and cobia all in a half day. The weather has been great up until yesterday when the easterly winds picked up. The beach is full of cobia, some tarpon and still plenty of jack schools, while the river has had plenty of snook. I guess all in all the fishing has been good and great a handful of days. Yesterday it was overcast and windy and we only managed a few snook, today we hooked 3 tarpon, caught a nice grouper and landed a handful of snook but we had to work very hard for it. I would have considered today a tough day but everyone has different expectations, so as long as you get out and have a good time it is a successful day. Here are a series of pictures from this past week.

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