Monday, June 15, 2009

Fly Fishing to the Max!

Since I am still trying to recuperate from the long days I have been putting in the last 20 or so straight days I am going to again keep this mainly to a photo report. I took all these shots last week while fishing with Nick Pujic and Nicole Parks from Fly Max Films and my buddy Rob McAbee, creator of Bug Slinger Fly Gear. The week was off the hook, literally, we jumped about 10 tarpon in total and only boated one baby and one beach fish. As most of us know that is how tarpon fishing can be especially with a fly rod but, all that was over shadowed by the fact that we got into a killer permit bite on fly and a few cobia. The highlight if you ask me was the 50 pound cobia that Rob caught on fly. The video footage is insane and will be used on their TV show "Fly Nation" and in some short films. I will also have a short clip up on my webpage soon. I now have some new friends for life and that is priceless, thanks for the opportunity guys I can't wait until next time.

Even I got into the action!

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Anonymous said...

Nice Permit! Awesome.

Anonymous said...

I do not fly fish, but I love to throw a light line spinner, would you consider guiding a neanderthal on some cobia?

StuartFlyfishing said...

Just get in touch with me I still have some days open in July. They are much easier on spin.