Monday, January 12, 2009

Flies for a cure

Every once in a while I get inspired by something or someone, and this is exactly what happened the minute I came across Stuart Patterson's website. I was doing some research on pompano flies when I came across Stuart's site and after reading through his site I had to buy some flies. I was not overwhelmed by selection or the prices but, I was overwhelmed by a father's obvious love for his daughters. You see Stuart is the father of two teenage daughters that suffer from a very rare disorder and he is using his ability to tie quality flies in order to raise money for his daughters. We all have needs, as fly fisherman we need flies and Stuart's girls Hope and Holly need money for research, what a perfect marriage. I am going to keep this short and sweet, check out Stuart's website and if he has flies that you use or that you think you will use, buy them from him. It will give you something to catch a fish with and it will give his daughters hope that there are people out there that care to help.

Here is a quick excerpt I took from Stuart's website:
My name is Stuart Patterson. I enjoy tying flies almost as much as I enjoy fly fishing. However, that is not why I have decided to sell my flies online.
My daughters Hope and Holly suffer from several neurological conditions including syirngomyelia, Chiari malformation, intracranial hypertension and suffer chronic pain. "...strength, love, and courage." These disorders have caused stress in my family's lives, but it has also brought out strength, love, and courage. Holly decided a few years ago not to sit idly by and allow her disorder to determine her future. Hope was in full support, excited and full of energy as a light appeared at the end of a dark tunnel. The girls decided to raise money to fund medical research. Holly hopes to raise $20,000 for medical research before she graduates high school. Our entire family has been working whole-heartily to help reach the goal. Read more about Holly's fund raisers at

Here are a couple of Stuart's crab patterns a sand flea (mole crab) and a couple ScrumCrabShrimpolicious

Shrimp patterns a Borski Craft fur shrimp and a Borski Haystacker
Some minnow patterns, a couple schminnows and an estaz marabou minnow.

I ordered ten flies for my first order and I am very happy with the quality and the price. I honestly don't see why someone would not buy some of Stuart's flies. I would like everyone out there that is part of this Stuart Flyfishing community to show your support!