Monday, January 5, 2009

Cabin Fever Fly Tying Contest, entry number 6- Finlander Pink Chrome spoon fly

Finlander Pink Chrome spoon fly

I know everyone has been wondering if I was abducted by aliens or if I jumped off the Roosevelt bridge after the Dolphins lose, but the truth is I have been very busy with my real job. I know many of you have mistaken me as a writer or even a photographer but really I am just a fishing guide and the week after Christmas is always my busiest week. I will report more on that later, but right now it is time for the final entry in the first Cabin Fever Fly Tying contest. This fly was tied by Capt. Scott Johnson from the west coast of Florida (sorry Scott I could not find what town you live in?) Most of us have seen spoon flies before but this one is by far one of the most well tied one I have ever seen and I can not wait to get out and use it. I don't think you can find a commercially tied spoon fly with this quality. Spoon flies are very versatile and will work on any species. Here is what Scott had to say.

Here is my Finlander Pink Chrome spoon fly, it catches everything that swims! Its tied on a tweaked 1/0 hook, Danville pink waxed nylon, chrome reflective tape, pink fibers, silver flash, couple of layers of blended colors for a natural look, 80# mono weed guard, epoxy & hard nails.

The real trick to tying an epoxy anything is letting it cure. I have had them set on the turner for 2 days letting them harden otherwise you may leave a finger print or two. The real advantage to the epoxy spoon is it's durability. We were taking advantage of the ladyfish, mackerel & blue's bite recently and your average clouser would be shredded after just a few fish but the spoon fly was indestructible! It can be difficult to throw the 2/0 spoon but they can be trimmed for better wind resistance and I have tied them as small a #4. Here is a photo that Scott emailed me, I think this color combo would be deadly!

Once again my photos did not do this fly justice. The very cool thing about this fly is that the color schemes are endless. The voting will start tonight and I will run the voting until January 16th at 8:00 pm. This will give plenty of people time to vote. You can cast your vote on the poll found on the side bar of this blog. I know this contest took a while to get the flies entered and the next one will probably be run differently but I must tell you that I have received loads of compliments about this contest. I hope the votes show it!

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