Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cabin Fever Fly Tying Contest, entry number 5- Michael's Marabou Slider

Michael's Marabou Slider

We are finally getting close to the voting. I have one more fly to post after this awesome slider pattern that was sent in from Michael Byrnes of North Carolina. I named this fly because it simply describes the fly. I am a big fan of sliders so when I saw this fly I instantly started salivating over the potential fish I could catch on this fly. Again I will post Michael's email with his own words, but like some off the other entries this fly is very versatile. The quality of this fly is top notch and it is obvious that Michael takes pride in his tying ability. I was really glad to see another fly submitted from outside Florida, thanks Michael. Here is what he had to say about his fly.

The tail/claw is marabou with a little flash, some palmered hackle to cover up the marabou. I then tied in a 7/32 nickle (with eyes) dumbell eyes to get this fly down. I figure you could use any weight eyes from plastic, bead chain and up to the 7/32 to either let it float/suspend or sink. Between the eyes and palmered barred hackle I tied in, flaired, deer body hair above and below the eyes. I chose to use the lighter color for the belly for obvious reason. I figure it may minic anything from a crab or mullet to some other baitfish. Dirty water or clear the hackle and deer hair will push some water and help this fly to be found and eaten. Also it can be tied with or without a weedguard...I chose not.

What did I tie it for? Redfish, snook, Tarpon, Striped Bass is what I had in mind. A few weeks ago in North Carolina I found a school of reds in deep water and hit them a clouser with a 7/32. Took a few out of the school but the water was very dark and stained. Fish were deep and holding in the current. Went home and tied up this fly in a Chart/white (as in picture) and a week later went back to the same area. Found fish again and over a 4 hour period we boated and released almost 40 fish...what a day...oh yeah..all fish taken on fly were taken on that Chart/white pattern.

Michael was also wise enough to send in a photo with a redfish he caught on his fly. I think this may help him get some votes. Keep the comments coming I know everyone likes to hear in put. I still have a few more days full of charters, then I will get back to posting more articles full of useless knowledge. I hope all of you have a safe New Years.

I love the "Life is Good" hat, because life is good and everyone reading this should remember it!

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Capt. George Harris (aka superfly) said...

Capt. John, great blog and website!!!...Also...some very good friends of mine fished with you a while back and raved about your services...they had a great time fishing with you. If i'm ever in your area, I'll be sure to look you up.

StuartFlyfishing said...

Thanks George, I appreciate the kind words. I checked out your blog and I really enjoyed it. You have loads of great content. Stay in touch and thanks for signing in as a follower. I hope to spend some time on a boat with you soon.