Friday, December 5, 2008

Stay Hooked- become a fan of this blog

The best thing about having this public blog is that not only do I have an opportunity to share stories and photos with my clients, but that fisherman and photographers from around the world can get involved and interact. If you have found this blog and you enjoyed reading it or just looking at the photos please sign in as a follower. This will give me a chance to get to know everyone that is a fan of my blog. As an incentive anyone that signs in as a follower of this blog, I will mail you one of my new oval fly logo decals for free. You can put it on your skiff, your drift boat, your fly box, your camera case, your truck, or like I did my wife's mini wan. (It makes the minivan much cooler!) It is a very cool decal that will tell everyone you like to fly fish. I posted a picture of the logo with this post so you can check it out. Just email me the address that you want it mailed to. My email address is

proof of the one on the minivan

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dbl hallo said...

When I was guiding in New Mexico, it was the best 6yrs of my life. On my time off , I would go fish great places in N.M. or surrounding States with my wife , friends and clients. When I have a Fly Rod in my hands, there is no better feeling . Then the drought came in the the late 90s, and combined with greedy politicians almost all the water in the Lake I was guiding on was gone. And my wife and I moved to North Florida and I had to re-embark in the music Biz. The money is great but I would trade the $$ money to fish for a living in a second. Keep up all the great work you do Capt. John .. You the Man.. See ya

StuartFlyfishing said...

Thanks Frankie it is a great lifestyle and as you know the best part is the people you get to fish with from literally all around the world.