Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New shirts! Just in time for Christmas

Pictured below: front of the micro fiber

Okay, this is where I shamelessly plug my t-shirts. Today I picked up my order for my new, logo design t-shirts, and again I am up with the times. In addition to my typical cotton shirts I included technical fishing micro fiber shirts. If you have not started wearing micro fiber yet you don't know what you are missing. The comfort of cotton with moisture wicking properties. Most of you know that when I am fishing I am wearing a long sleeve shirt for sun protection. Here's the downfall of a cotton shirt, once you start sweating or if you are throwing a cast net and get wet, you are screwed. By the end of the day your shirt is around your ankles, and your neck line looks like Jennifer Beals from Flashdance. If you don't know the movie Flashdance, don't worry your not missing much, just an extremely hot girl dancing around in a loose shirt. This does not happen with the micro fiber it dries quickly and does not loose its shape.

I have two different designs and they are both available in long and short sleeve cotton, or the fishing technical long sleeve micro fiber. Check out the pictures for the designs (the fronts are the same on all shirts). Unfortunately I can not afford to give these shirts away, so here are the extremely reasonable prices. S/S cotton is $15.00 the L/S cotton is $18.00 and the micro fiber shirts are $28.00, I can invoice you right through email and it is very convenient. The quanities are limited but right now I have M, L, XL, and XXL. I also have a few Carolina blue micro fiber shirts available in XL and XXL.
If you are new to the blog check the rest of it out you may find something interesting, and if you have been here before keep coming back.
Pictured below: Full Logo long sleeve micro fiber
pictured below: Oval Logo short sleeve

Email me with your order and I will include a free decal.

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Anonymous said...

Ok Pal,

I am here and the shirts look great! I will email my order to you in a few minutes! Blog looks great too. Want to have a spin casting contest again for the cost of the shirts?????


StuartFlyfishing said...

Your just living right. Even a blind squirrel can hit a manatee sign from 60 yards away. Thanks for the order I will ship them out tomorrow.

Parke said...

Hey John,

Your Blog looks great. I look forward to fishing with you in December. Our 4 sailfish trip over Thanksgiving has me fired up to see what magic you can produce over Christmas.