Monday, December 8, 2008

Sigma 120-400mm OS birds

If you read my post about pompano you know that I didn't get much fishing in because,I got side tracked by a tri-color heron. I just had to test out my new Sigma 120-400mm OS lens. So far so good, I am not used to using such a long lens and when the boat is rocking it is sometimes hard to keep stable, but with the help of the OS (optical stabilizer) I was able to capture some pretty good shots with so so lighting. I know if I would have got out of the boat I could have got some sharper images but all in all I was happy with the results. If there is a downfall to this lense, it is the fact that the OS makes noise while it is working, a little bothersome at first but I am getting used to it. Please do not take this post as a review of this lens, I am in no position to review any lens. I just enjoy taking photos and occasionally I am lucky enough to sell a few, but believe me I am a far better fishing guide then photographer. Speaking of selling some photos, when I got in from fishing or picture taking or whatever you want to call it I do out here, I was greeted with a package. I recieved my prints I ordered a few days ago, they are 16X20 on Kodak Metallic paper, and I was extremely impressed with the quality of the prints. The metallic paper gives the print a very cool artistic look. I will have another post that will show what images I have prints of and if anyone is interested in ordering some you can send me an email. Sorry I got side tracked again. Anyway, enjoy these bird shots they were all taken this morning on my new Sigma 120-400mm OS.

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