Friday, December 19, 2008

Cabin Fever Fly Tying Contest, entry number 3- Cas' Cinnamon Slider

Cas' Cinnamon Slider

We are flying right along with this tying contest now. I am waiting on 2 more flies to get to me and then the voting will start. These 2 remaining flies will give me a total of 6 entries for you guys and gals to vote on. This fly came from Cas Summers of Longwood, FL. Cas is the treasurer of the Backcountry Flyfishing Association. I really like what Cas did, he gave a classic fly a modern twist. The Borski bonefish slider in my opinion is one of the best slow water flies ever designed, and Cas took new materials to create his own slider. Very well done Cas. This fly is primarily a redfish fly but like so many other flies it will work on anything that feeds on the flats.

Here is what Cas had to say about his creation. They are very easy to tie. I just used some cool Puglesi tying material that I saw at the Orlando Outfitters, it's called EP Streamer Brush & EP Sparkle Brush & they also have EP shrimp dubbing. It has a wire stem and the material palmers easily. The chose this material because of it's buggy colors. The tail is made of Craft Fur and is flexible to the bottom color. The eyes are lead or bead chain depending on the depth of water or size of the fly. I use the fly for redfish, but also believe that it could work for bonefish. They seem to eat the same stuff that they find swimming around. I tied in a weed guard since it will be bumping along the bottom. I have caught redfish with it. The fly is very weedless. It rides hook up. The Puglesi material does not tangle like the baitfish flies. A comb is not necessary. The flies are tied on #4 Mustad 3407 hooks. I pinch the barb down before I tie them on.

Cas, thank you for entering this fly into the contest. I believe your pattern may give other fly tiers some good ideas and some more uses for this new material. Again I ask that everyone parrticipate in the blog by posting comments. Everybody enjoys reading comments about their flies especially positive comments. I have been extremely happy with the turn out of this contest so far, all the flies I have recieved have been well tied and very creative. Stay tuned the next 3 flies will be posted soon.

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