Saturday, December 13, 2008

Just a teaser

This is just a teaser of things to come.

I have had a pretty good response to the tying contest so far. I know I have 2 entries for sure and another 2 that I got emails from that are suppose to be getting flies out to me. I will tell you that I know 2 of the guys entering and they are talented tiers so you should enjoy their creations. Just a reminder, each entry will get it's own post with photographs. Read the post "Cabin Fever Fly Tying Contest" for more details. I need a few more entries I know there are loads of tiers out there, don't think you are not good enough because quality is not as important as creativity! The main reason for this contest is for you guys to share your flies. I just threw in the prize to make it more interesting.

I also wanted to take a second and thank everyone that has ordered t-shirts, the response has been good. Another reminder, there are a handful of people that have signed on as follower to this blog and have not introduced themselves to me. If you are one of these people please send me an email so I can get to know you and also I will mail you a free fly oval decal. That also goes for anyone else that signs on as a fan to this blog.

I fished yesterday and the bite was nothing short of great. Pompano, ladyfish and jacks were abundant and loads of fun. I will post a pompano fly here soon, pound for pound they fight as hard as any fish out there, perfect targets on a six or seven weight. Looks like charters are picking up the week after Christmas, but if you want to get out before Christmas I have plenty of days open. I am planning on fishing with Rick DePavia again this coming Tuesday over in Fort Myers so stay tuned for photos from that trip. If Rick will allow it I am going to try and photograph the tailing redfish before I cast to them! Stay tuned and keep checking back. Thanks again for the response on this blog! John

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