Wednesday, December 3, 2008

building this blog

Okay, I must admit it was not too long ago that I did not understand why so many people had blogs, and for that matter I really was not even sure what a blog was. However, this old salty fly fishing guide is getting up to speed with some help of his friends. I want to thank a couple people especially Rob McAbee, ironically I met Rob through facebook because I was friends with his sister all through school, (I told you I was keeping up with the times) anyway Rob is a fly fisherman and an artist so we found we had a lot in common, and have since become friends. He has helped me in many ways, first through conversations he encouraged me to have a blog and he explained how beneficial a blog can be. Secondly, he designed the very cool header that I have on this blog, you see Rob is a graphic artist and he owns his own design company and fly fishing apparel company. I would also like to thank Mike Engelhardt, I first meet Mike 5 or 6 years ago when his dad booked me for a charter. I always enjoyed fishing with Mike, his dad Mike and his sister Julia, they are all incredibly nice people and of course good anglers. When I first guided the Engelhardts Mike and Julia were just teenagers, now they are both adults and I am starting to feel old, so I will stop. Anyway, Mike is a huge trout fisherman and he has his own blog, and he helped guide me through the process of building my blog . So I owe both of those guys a big thank you! Here are links to their web pages:


Rick The Ugly Stick said...

How about "everglade evergreen" for the name of that fly?

StuartFlyfishing said...

Thanks for posting. I like it, but since it is a mackerel fly it does not tie into the everglades that much, plus I tie it in white and pearl as well. Anymore suggestions?