Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pompano Fly- The Gold Digger

Just a quick post to share with you my pompano fly that I tie, I call it "The Gold Digger". A couple quick things to think of when you create a pompano fly, first they are typically on or near the bottom, so your fly needs weight. They primarily feed on mole crabs or as most people know them sand fleas, so keep your flies in tan, yellow, gold, etc. Most of the time pompano will be found in 3 to 6 feet of water so use an intermediate line and let it sink, again you want your fly near the bottom. Give the fly short strips so your fly stays near the bottom, are you seeing a pattern here. My fly is obviously super simple, the tail and wing can be tied out of any material (I used tan craft fur in the one pictured),but the gold flash, gold eyes, and gold ice chenille body is what makes it a gold digger. Have fun with it and go catch some pompano.

"The Gold Digger"

Here is one that John Madert (blog fan JM) emailed me, his is very similar and works well on the pompano and whiting in the North Carolina surf. Thanks for sharing John.

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limiter said...

I also fish the Outer Banks of NC. That pattern sent in by JM looks awesome. I especially like the bright orange egg sack. Is this pattern available for sale. I do not tie my own flies yet.

Anonymous said...

Where are you catching those pompano in Stuart?