Monday, December 29, 2008

Now I remember

Now I remember why I love guiding so much. After having three of the slowest months I can remember, this week Santa has brought me lots of charters. It feels like the old times and I love it. I have had the chance to fish with some great people and we have had loads of fun. Fishing wise everything has been the typical winter time fishing loads of ladyfish and trout, mixed in with some pompano and snook fishing. To be quite honest with you the wind has been blowing like crazy and I am looking forward to my two trips today because the wind is suppose to be down. Sorry for the short report but as you can see on the post time it is just before 6:00am and I am out the door for my morning trip. I do have two more flies ready to go for the fly contest and I will get them both up soon. I was going to post one of them last night but I feel asleep early because I was exhausted from all the emotional energy I burned during the Dolphins game. As many of you know I am a huge Fins fan and yes I will be going to the playoff game on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!! I will report back soon, I have some fish to catch.

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